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We like to put our patients first and focus on word-class dentistry delivered with 5-star service. Here are some of the reasons patients choose the Deluxe Dental difference!

A quest for knowledge

Our highly skilled team of cosmetic dentists all have considerable experience in the field. Not ones to rest on our laurels, we are dedicated to continuing education. All our staff attend at least seven days training every year.

Radical results, kind to teeth

Cosmetic dentistry techniques are now more conservative than ever before. Especially when coupled with rapid orthodontic prealignment even the most radical transformation can still be minimally invasive.

So whether you wish to straighten crowded teeth, close gaps, change gum levels or replacing missing teeth, it’s amazing how much can be done.

Dental health and beauty

Successful cosmetic dentistry is not just make-up for teeth. For a smile to be attractive, confident and lasting, the health of the teeth, gums and freshness of breath is just as important as the appearance of the teeth. We therefore take steps to actively promote your dental health. This way your new smile will not only look good now but for many years to come.

First class service

First class service is paramount to our philosophy. So whether it’s an express service, flexible appointments and much more, Deluxe Dental will try our best to make the whole experience as seamless as possible.

Our Dental Services

Quality and affordable dentistry

Dental Fillings

A dental filling is a type of restorative dentistry treatment used to repair minimal tooth fractures, tooth decay or otherwise damaged surfaces of the teeth.

Dental Fillings

Dental filling materials, which include composite, porcelain and silver amalgam, may be used to even out tooth surfaces for better biting or chewing.


Orthodontics allows you to have a healthy mouth, an aesthetic smile and aligned teeth that, taking care of them, are more likely to last much longer.


The correction prevents misalignment or crowding of teeth, misplacement of the denture or dental displacement.

Tooth Crown

Dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth — to cover the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance

Tooth Extraction

A crown is just like a cap, shaped like a tooth, which is fitted on top of an existing tooth. While improving your tooth’s appearance, a crown also strengthens it and can correct any weaknesses in its size or shape.

Root Canal Treatment

The root canal is a hollow chamber inside the roots of your tooth that extends down to the end of the root, below your gum line. In a healthy tooth, this chamber contains healthy pulp and nerve tissue.

Root Canal Treatment

The best advice we can give you is to book check-ups with your dentist every six months. Then the causes can be identified long before they give rise to the need for root canal treatment

Teeth Whitening

A white bright smile can be a confidence booster and a great way to get noticed. Depending on our everyday choices, we may not have the smile we always wanted.

Teeth Whitening

There are many whitening options, from OTC toothpastes, rinses and strips, to professionally supervised solutions such as Philips Zoom in-office and take-home whitening.

Routine Dental Exam & Check Up

We offer routine examinations and periodic check-ups in order to maintain your dental health

Routine Dental Exam & Check Up

Your health depends on you periodically checking that everything is all right in order to deal with any eventuality in time

Our Dental Team

Professional and highly trained
Farah A. Diaz
General Dentistry
Dentistry gives me the wonderful opportunity to educate patients on how important caring for their mouth is to their overall health. With more than 20 years of experience, I am able to provide patients with both immediate and long-term benefits, such as relief from a sudden toothache as well as help patients to achieve and maintain the health of their teeth and gums over their lifetime. The combination of art and science in dentistry allows us to create beautiful smiles that function well. A beautiful smile gives people confidence and improves their self-esteem. It’s so rewarding to be able to make this possible for my patients. We offer a variety of services from our dentists and board certified specialists including implants, root canals, oral and periodontal surgery restorative dentistry, Invisalign, and professional whitening. We like to think that “Our Smiles Speak for Themselves.”

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